Harvest Invitational

Harvest Invitational

On earth day

Communities around the world are looking for more sustainable food solutions – the current long distance food system is harming our environment and ourselves, and it has to change. Local is the only way to go.

At Ponix we are building solutions that enable local food ecosystems, and we’re proud to partner with Comfort Farms to demonstrate what is possible when you combine sustainable farming methods with a supportive community. The first step towards progress is a conversation, and it starts at our first annual Harvest Invitational at Comfort Farms.

On Earth Day, the Harvest Invitational will bring together restaurateurs, grocers, architects, entrepreneurs, technologists, business owners, policy makers, farmers, and local community members for a day of eating, networking, eating some more, and knowledge sharing from our panel discussion on the future of local food. Take a tour of Comfort Farms, learn about Ponix technology, and most importantly – enjoy a hearty meal that’s been harvested and prepared right here at the farm.

Nothing beets a big meal with friends, so lettuce celebrate! It will be a great thyme.

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